Sunday 28 May 2017

Walks and squawks

A cancelled job on Thursday afternoon meant time in the sunshine with Our Lass, who is enjoying some grand weather during the remaining few weeks of her recuperation.

We journeyed to Yesnaby on the west coast to explore the maritime heath along the clifftops. Specifically, Herself wanted to see some Spring Squill, a delicate, little, blue flower which prefers such habitat. We were not disappointed.

Amongst all the Squill, there were also plenty of Thrift, Sea Campion and Birdsfoot Trefoil. We were treated to a raucous flyby from several Arctic Skuas and a fragile, high-pitched cliff-face chorus from half a dozen Black Guillemots.

Meanwhile, back at Tense Towers, the garden is filling up with recently-fledged Starlings...

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