Friday 29 July 2016

Sky in July

In Orkney, it always pays to keep an eye to the sky. Not just for up-to-the-second weather checks, but also for photo opportunities.

July hasn't been such a great month for hot, dry weather, so fantastic sunsets have been thin on the ground. And the best sky-watching moment of the month occurred when I was frantically mowing the lawn, late one evening, before the next day's deluge. This meant I was disinclined to stop the mower to go and fetch my camera. But they were a pair of cracking sun dogs.

However, during July, I have captured a few shots of the sky, some at home, some whilst working. Nothing earth shattering, mind, just the occasional moment of man and meteorology in celestial synchronisation.

On Hoy, parked at the side of the road whilst the driver made a phone call, I noticed that the clouds above Orphir looked like they were at the same altitude as us (and noted the pool as a possible location for dragonflies).

Speaking of dragons...

It's not a Super Moon, or a Blood Moon, it's just the Moon. On a bed of candyfloss.

This is my mate Ray. Or it could be a tractor beam.

Wherever you are, I hope that your skies give you joy.

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