Sunday 15 May 2016

Graemsay - party island!

Here at Tense Towers, we don't receive very many invitations to birthday parties. After all, the alternative scenario would just involve too much cake.

Hang on, I may be in the wrong blog...

And so it was, that Our Lass and I ventured over to the peedie island of Graemsay yesterday, to help Sian (of Life on a Small Island) prepare and celebrate a significant day. The island has a population of less than 30 residents, but this number was swelled with guests from further afield, including musicians from Hoy, Quoyloo and Stromness.

The event was to being held in the island's Community Hall, a small wooden building that hosts the majority of the annual shindigs of Graemsay. Having only experienced their Harvest Homes, Hallowe'en, Christmas parties and such through the medium of Facebook, I wasn't exactly sure how everyone was going to fit into the room, as well as all the food, the musicians and dancing. I guess it's probably achieved through some complicated manipulation of a small tear in the fabric of space/time.

During the afternoon, we ferried plates, glasses and drinks up to the hall, where folk had already been decorating the walls with 'Happy Birthday' banners, to which Sian had us add a selection of photographs (carefully censored by herself) of her life to date. She very sportingly sprinkled these with comments featuring her self-deprecating humour.

Then it was back to Chez Sian to prepare sandwiches for everyone. Other folk were also bringing food, so there was no prospect of anyone going hungry.

I am sure that the evening's celebrations will be featured in the 'Life on a Small Island' blog, so I will leave a description of the festivities to Sian.

But here's a few photos from the weekend...

The entrance to Chez Sian

A thoughtful birthday present from a musician, which had its world premiere on Graemsay 

A less seen view from Chez Sian with the Commnity Hall just visible in the distance

Madame Button

Farewell to Graemsay
For Sian's view of the evening, see here.


Sian said...

Button says thank you for paying due deference when taking her photo. But you promised she'd be in the glossy mags by now and she's still waiting for the cheque....

Glad you and your lass enjoyed the party. Thanks SO much for all your help and keeping me calm!

Hope you come back and participate again!

Imperfect and Tense said...

You are very welcome, Sain, and thank you for inviting us to your special evening.

Please apologise to Button on my behalf, the photos were sent off to Catmopolitan but, sadly, haven't made it into print :o(

I have updated my blogpost with a link to yours.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Just curious... are you going to have a milestone b-day soon, Graeme?

Imperfect and Tense said...

Hi Katie! There's nothing significant on the horizon, if by 'significant' you mean 'ending with a big zero'. Let's just say that I often think like I'm 20 but occasionally feel about 60, and the truth is somewhere between the two :o)