Saturday 12 December 2015

A day without rain... so far

I was sat in the study/office this morning, ostensibly writing Christmas cards though, in actual fact, I was compiling a list of folk to whom we could send the cards. And absent-mindedly recycling last year's cards.

Outside, after a frosty start to the day, it had turned into a lovely sunny morning with barely a breath of wind. The North Sea and Scapa Flow looked like mill ponds and even the most enthusiastic wind turbine looked like its blades were wading through treacle.

The study window was open (which was a bit if a shock in itself) and not far from where I was sat at my desk, this fellow was also in repose, probably trying to sleep, but having to put up with my occasional mutterings as I sorted the festive list into family, friends (sooth), friends (Orkney) and 'ask Our Lass who that is'.

Displacement activity? Me?

And, of course, now I'm blogging about my prevarication. Oh dear.


Fay McKenzie said...

Perhaps you're just rather thoughtfully going about your tasks......

But don't quote me, my oven was never cleaner,nor my stove so 'blackened'* than when I was writing chapters for the pesky willow thesis.

*not the same kind of tarring and feathering as the orkney folks perform pre-nuptuals. That would be far too messy and expensive of treacle.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thanks for the thought but, no, I was just in a full-on avoidance mood.

Mind on, 'expensive of treacle' is not a phrase I was expecting to hear the day.

biobabbler said...

=) My term for that is active avoidance (hm, is that right?). Nothing passive about it. That phenomenon explained why during college midterms my room was finally clean & I'd bake cookies. =)
Nice bird photo. =)

Imperfect and Tense said...