Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Garden List

Our Lass was on a roll at the weekend...

On Friday evening, whilst I was in the kitchen cooking tea and being oblivious to what was going on outside, she shouted from the study that there was a bird on our neighbour's roof.

Not even wearing spectacles, I was absolutely no help at all, but I kept my unfocussed eyes on the bird whilst Our Lass fetched two sets of binoculars. That at least established the identity of the visitor as a falcon. Our Lass then kept her eye on the raptor, which was being mobbed by a small flock of Swallows, whilst I retrieved my camera from the lounge.

There was just enough time to rattle off a few shots before the falcon gracefully exited stage right.

We think it was a young Merlin, a bird not previously seen within the environs of Tense Towers, so a prime candidate for addition to the Garden List.

Two days later, on Sunday morning, and reasonably early on a Sunday morning too (I was still in my dressing gown), Our Lass spots more unidentified birds. This time from the lounge window.

In amongst a flock of Common Gulls are four waders. I hurriedly dash off to throw on some clothes, so that I can try and sneak a little closer. However, halfway through this endeavour, I am aware of the daily drive by of the milk tanker, with the result that there are no more waders left in the field. Dang! I should've just gone outside in my dressing gown!

Perusal of our ID books produces a short list of Knot or Ruff, so I throw the question out to those with more experience than me with such conundrums. The consensus is Ruff, as Knot are not usually seen away from the shore.

Brilliant! Another addition to the Garden List.


biobabbler said...

Congrats on 2 new additions to your list. Very nice.

And I'm amazed you didn't say that "Knot are knot usually seen away from the shore." =) Probably your standards are higher than mine. =)

Imperfect and Tense said...

I don't think I qualified for standards, and anyway, it's always open season for puns at Tense Towers :o)