Sunday 19 July 2015

Landscape, not portrait

It was a schoolboy error, akin to an epic Microsoft Word fail.

Remember this from a few weeks ago?

My attempt at marking out where the raised beds for our veg patch should go?

Aligned with Tense Towers and giving a view from the kitchen window (to distract eyes from the aesthetically-challenged oil tank.

Our Lass was having no truck with it, as it was wrong on just about every level.

So this evening (having allowed the grass to grow under my feet for a few weeks), I tried the re-orientated, aligned with our neighbours' track, landscape version.

And here's a shot from the track, which isn't into the light.

Keen-eyed readers may also notice the bull at the other end of the garden, leaning over the fence (despite two strands of barbed wire!) and munching on our grass, and possibly the willows. Ah, it's always greener, eh?


Ruth Walker said...

Mum is a true garden-y visionary! I couldn't see it myself, but yes, landscape looks much better!

Imperfect and Tense said...