Thursday, 5 February 2015

Whither shall they wander

Someone asked me the other day if we feed the birds in our garden. I replied that we didn't actively do this, at least not in a bird table and peanuts and seed feeder and fat balls sort of way, as our unkempt garden is full of weeds and worms that fit the bill, so to speak.

Perhaps, one day, when we have shrubs and bushes aplenty to provide cover and habitat, we may take the standard route to attracting birds to our garden.

Until then...

Greylag geese are a bit of a problem in Orkney. A large and increasing feral population causes an amount of damage to crops such that, for the last two years, there's been a cull of numbers in the Summer. Hopefully, this action doesn't impact upon the wild population that migrates to Orkney for the Winter.

I wonder if I could train them to eat dochans?

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