Thursday, 1 January 2015

Festive family frolics

Christmas and New Year are usually a time for families and friends to gather together. I guess it's just the up-to-date version of the ancient tradition of feasting and celebrating the rebirth of the sun.

This year, the occasion has had a much greater resonance for us, as we're such a long way from our nearest and dearest (farthest and dearest?).

On Boxing Day, Our Lass and I set off from Orkney, journeying south to spend the night near Dunfermline, before pushing on the next day to reach Manchester. We stayed here a few days, meeting up with First and Second Born for some Christmassy activities, such as exchanging presents...

and going for a family walk.

Then, after heading east across the Pennines, we spent another few days visiting my brother's family and my parents.

Currently, we're pausing on the way back north, sharing Hogmanay with Our Lass's family in central Scotland. This is the largest gathering of the break, which presents a few logistical problems for our wonderful host.

Cranachan, hidden in the fridge

Peas and goodwill to all mankind.

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