Friday 18 July 2014

Catch-up Friday

Here's a few photos from the preceding 36 hours at OTT...

Sunset from two nights ago
On the Orkney Sky Facebook page, I mused upon how this image brought back memories from long ago, of 'building up' the coal fire to ensure that it smouldered through the night, so that it was still alight the following morning.

Sunset from last night
Another upload to the Orkney Sky page on FB, showing the telecommunications towers on Wideford Hill against the sunset, whilst a mist slowly envelops a farm.

This morning, after breakfast, I was able to take a couple of photos of the Greenfinches in the garden. They're eating the mystery Brassica seeds (and so I suspect that Our Lass will now lobby vociferously to maintain this habitat).

In other news, I note that Kirkwall's predicted maximum temperature today, 16 deg C, is a whopping 14 deg C cooler than that forecast for Milton Keynes (30 deg C). Stay cool, folks.


biobabbler said...

Wow. AMAZING sunsets and great photos. Phew!

A high of 60F?!? 60?!? Today we're at 107F (that's 41.6C). Wanna trade? I'd get WAY more done. =) Maybe I'd even find some pallets!

I read an autobiography of a ballerina and she visited California (she was fm. NY?) and wondered how anyone got anything done here, it was so warm. =) She liked the way cold spurs you to activity. 'Course ballet dancers aren't known for their love of leisure or comfort...

Imperfect and Tense said...

A nested comment thread! Ace :o)

Orkney managed to register mid 20s this last week. Only the sea breezes made it tolerable. I cannot imagine that I would cope with anything in the 40s. That's one tough gig.

I must agree with the ballerina (there' a sentence that I didn't envisage typing when I woke up this morning). When it's cold, you can always run around to warm up, but when it's hot... :o(