Sunday, 11 August 2013

Odonata Tensica 3

Another sunny day, another dragonfly photo opportunity.

At some time mid-morning, SB wandered out into the garden (still in her dressing gown, so I'm fairly certain it was at least mid-morning!). I was soon summoned by a yelp of "Dad!"

Scurrying out, back in because I wasn't wearing my specs and back out again, I was directed to gaze at the upper foliage of a Pyracantha bush. There, nestled in some strong sunshine, was a brand new Common Darter, its hardening wings still reflecting the light, it was so fresh.

SB confirmed that it had just flown up from the pond (likely its maiden flight) and another emergence to add to the records.

By lunchtime, Our Lass had also discovered a Common Darter in the garden. This one was a mature male, who proceeded to hold territory on the 'beach' at the shallow end of the pond.

Sympetrum striolatum
Look! No hands!
'Happy' darter!
Obelisking into the sun to prevent overheating
If I am ever in a position to build another pond, I shall endeavour to make sure that it is possible to take photographs of it with the sun behind me!


holdingmoments said...

Great to see ones efforts rewarded like this Graeme.

Imperfect and Tense said...

As my family will no doubt testify, it was they, not I, that dug the pond. I like to think that it was a brilliant idea, thank you very much, and just who cleans it out in the middle of Winter? But yeah, always great to see wildlife close at hand.