Sunday 7 April 2013

Unchained mallardy

Long term sufferers readers of I&T will recall the Springtime angst of His Tenseness which has been apparent from almost the beginning of my foray into blogdom.

Wait! Spring? Really?? Oh yeah, it's finally dragging its weary self into view despite the tiresome prolonging of Winter, at least in this neck of the woods. A few hopeful signs have augured the onset of better times ahead. Yesterday, we had a visit from a couple of pairs of Siskin, feeding merrily on the sunflower seeds and filling the air with their burble. Records show that we only ever see these diminutive finches in the garden at this time of year, presumably on their journey back north. Further evidence of the unfreezing of Mother Nature's heart was provided by a Dunnock, busy nest building in the Ivy which is clinging to the fence at the bottom of the garden. Yay!

But back to the angst. Tensions are raised and security forces are on high alert as the threat of potential conflict rears its ugly head. The fragile and precarious peace that has balanced on a knife edge for so long is under grave threat of being broken.

This is because the Dunnock isn't the only species whose thoughts have turned to nest building.  Remember 2009? The danger of untold carnage to a precious habitat containing priceless wildlife? Thank heavens I'm not over-reacting, eh?

This is Mrs Mallard yesterday, perched atop the Laurel hedge as she ponders the aquatic attributes of the gardens on either side. Tense Towers? It has never been a truer definition.

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