Sunday 24 March 2013

Ee, but it's grim up north

Second Born has gone off to Austria this week, though she's not the only one with designs on a winter holiday. Our Lass and I went to visit First Born in the frozen North and happened upon a snowflake or two ourselves. And it may have been the 'wrong' side of the Pennines for two folk raised in County Durham, but we had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

This is the view from our room at the Turnpike Inn on Rishworth Moor, looking across Booth Wood Reservoir to the M62 and beyond.

From here, it's only about 20 minutes' drive to to the village where FB lives.

But not this way...

The A58 at Blackstone Edge

Or this way...

The B6225, on the edge of Milnrow
Still, when we finally got through, we were able to go for a nice walk without having to worry about snow at all.

Yes, we get the drift
Just look at the size of that (the snowdrift, that is)


Capt. Sundial said...

Spot deliberate error? (SB?)

Imperfect and Tense said...

Guilty as charged :o(
Duly amended :o)

biobabbler said...

I love when I see people getting out and about PARTICULARLY when the weather is not easy. Great work! And how great do you feel when you return, and how cute does everyone look with the red cheeks? And there are worse things to smell like than evergreen trees and snow. =) Woo-hoo!

Imperfect and Tense said...

I reckon it's been decades since we've experienced this much snow in England. The strong easterly winds certainly added a little something to the drifting. To be honest, as a small island, we're just not used to prolonged or severe anything! If the weather doesn't change daily, we assume something's gone wrong.

But there's nothing quite like the 'crump, crump' of walking on snow :o)