Wednesday 15 July 2020

Not so still life

My rent-a-crowd duties went up a gear the other day, when I participated in a recce for a hill walk across in West Mainland. The 'crowd' consisted of three of us, covering expertise on plants and insects, although I was never going to be very busy with Odonata. Instead, I tried to soak up info about all the flora we were seeing. It was quite strange being in a group of four, the largest gathering I've been involved in for ages.

It was a blustery day too, with a heavy shower as soon as we set off, but there was much botanical interest to photograph, if only the wind wouldn't keep moving it about. Most of my images were binned because of motion blur.

Heath Fragrant Orchid, even I could smell it!

Bog Asphodel

A Harvestman of some kind

Emperor Moth caterpillar, second instar

Emperor Moth caterpillar, fourth instar

A peedie mushroom

From the top of the hill, there were views in all directions, but my favourite was this one, across to the island of Graemsay and the hills in the north of Hoy beyond.

A tiny wasp, thought to be a spider hunter. 
Marsh Lousewort

Stag's-horn Clubmoss
On the return journey, Eagle-eyed M spotted a male Hen Harrier quartering a distant moor. It was flying into the wind, so its progress was slow, but that just gave us more time to enjoy the moment.

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