Wednesday 15 July 2020

A further pond update

Last time on 'Pond update', we were musing about whether there was going to be wholesale upheaval in the garden, and if so, should fitting the pond liner be put on hold for the time being?

This morning, this happened...

The plan for the next step was to locate the end of the outfall pipe beyond the inspection chamber...

This cleared any blockage at the end of the pipe, but revealed that the percolation of grey water was sub-optimal.

So the hole was extended beyond the current soakaway...

and a new soakaway pit was dug.

Fortunately, Tense TV was live at the scene to witness the rough and the smooth of hydraulic excavation power.

When Our Lass arrived home from work, she was a bit shocked. That was until her inner geologist kicked in, as bedding planes and strata were pondered over.

If that has all been too stressful for you, here's some lovely pea flowers, growing with Fumitory accompaniment, and a Common Marbled Carpet moth (possibly).

For the avoidance of doubt, most of my day was spent indoors, watching our untidily-worded garden transform into an anagram of itself.


Coastal Ripples said...

I feel it could be a gigantic pond you are after. Much too exhausting for me lol! B

Martin said...

Wowser! The digger driver seems particularly adept at finding nice slate-like slabs to go around your new pond!
The question is, did the line of the trench go through the pond site or is it as-was?
And did you get a go at driving the digger?

Imperfect and Tense said...

LOL! You know, B, if I hadn't already bought a liner, I would've been mightily tempted to have a larger pond dug in next to no time.

Martin, the trench grazed one corner of the pond, but this has been restored. I am not sure that the world is ready for a JCB-crazed Tense.