Tuesday 13 April 2010

First bloggiversary

Well, who would have thought it! I've managed to maintain an unsteady stream of blog burble for a whole year, making this my anniversary post.

Through what kind of drug-induced haze, exactly 365 days ago,did I presciently write that first paragraph?

"In case you're wondering, dear reader, I am most definitely not writing this whilst sitting in the kitchen sink. However, I did see a Dalmatian yesterday. These two small facts may well have set the tone for all that follows, today, tomorrow and in the future."

Why prescient? Has the numpty gone and enrolled in the Dodie Smith Appreciation Society? Are there slightly more than one hundred spotty dogs frolicking on the lawns of Tense Towers?

Heck, no, it's mainly because the bathroom is currently out of bounds undergoing refurbishment.

Still not seeing vast amounts of prescience?

Well, the works in progress have led to some drastic measures on the hygiene front...


laligalover said...

Nice legs bro!

Martin said...

Good Book
Good Post
Great Photo!!!


Princess said...

Hands-free pot washing?! lol Why were you washing your feet in a sink full of pots? How is the bathroom coming along? xxx

Imperfect and Tense said...

Dear Princess, When I was a youngster, a title on your grandparents' book shelf caught my eye, "I capture the castle". Presuming it was historical battlefield yarn told from the first person perspective, I decided to read it. Many years later, but before the film made it famous, I recommended it to all the female members of the household. So the opening lines have had a resonance with the family for quite some time. "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink" has become a fairly well worn phrase these days, but I couldn't resist paying homage to a great opening line in my inaugural blog and then a year later. The book's available to borrow from Tense Towers, or can be read whilst visiting. I hope your convalescence is progressing well. Love, G XX