Monday 5 April 2010

Gardeners questioned 'im

Not too much enthusiasm for venturing out today... had a bit of quality garden feeder time, instead. Threw loads of technology at it, with some passable results, which only went to prove the long-held belief that the root of my problem with photography is lack of talent.

Still, there's lots of wildlife that doesn't know that yet, so "Shhhhh!"


Blue Tit


Bit of  handbags for a Greenfinch and a Great Tit 


Neither of the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers could be arsed to show up. Presumably  they were off somewhere giving a tree a good beak lashing with that holier-than-thou attitude they normally reserve for nest boxes :o)


Bob Bushell said...

A good set of garden birds you have there, and I like that bit about the G S Woodie.

Katie said...

Great photos!

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thanks, folks. You set the standard, I'm just trying to keep up!

laligalover said...

So, that's it then, a North versus South bird spotting photo shoot. The lens caps are off!

Spadger said...

Great stuff Graeme - always a pleasurecto read