Saturday 17 April 2010

Butterflies 7, Ladybirds 3

On a pleasantly warm day, with barely a breeze, the temptation to say "Hang spring-cleaning!" a la Mole was just too great. A potter around Walton Lake and the river bank behind the OU produced a Comma, a few Small Tortoiseshells and my first Orange Tip of the year. There were several Seven-spot Ladybirds but no damsels or dragons (sigh).

Moving on to the Great Ouse in Newport Pagnell, and from the Northampton Road bridge around to The Battery, we saw a Two-spot Ladybird, plus more Small Tortoises and Orange Tips. Across the Ouzel, in the Castle Meadow, were Brimstones, Peacocks aplenty and we had a brief view of a Common Blue (butterfly not damsel, sob). Here, neatly nestled in the nettles, we also "spotted" a Cream-spot Ladybird.

Traipsing home through the Riverside Meadow and along Tongwell Brook, there was a single Speckled Wood, I think, but didn't have a great view. Still, it just goes to show, there's nothing quite like messing about by the river.

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