Monday 13 March 2017

Lightening the load

A couple of months ago, I hit upon the idea of occasionally blogging a photograph of the sun setting on the western horizon, taken from our front door. I didn't have a fixed plan of how frequently that 'occasionally' might be, but thought it likely to be every two or three weeks. Perhaps.

As things have turned out, it's taken two months for me to be at home, at the correct time, with the appropriate meteorological conditions. So, a very unfixed plan, indeed!

Here, again, is the image from 7th January, at 15.30...

to compare with the one from 11th March, at 18.00.

The lengthening daylight is making its presence felt now. Happy happy joy joy.


GretchenJoanna said...

I think this is a worthy project, no matter how often you manage to do it. I especially like that you are showing us the photos in the same blog post for comparison. It all makes me want to undertake a similar project somehow... I don't think sunsets would be the thing to track in my case, because my western horizon is rooftops... but maybe I can think of some naturally recurring phenomenon to photograph.

I did plan to take pictures of a certain tree once a week, a few years back. But I didn't follow through on that idea.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thank you for the feedback, particularly with regard to the sequence, as I hadn't initially intended posting the photos together until I had gathered a set from one solstice to another. I shall have to give this some more thought.

I would certainly recommend documenting a natural phenomenon in some way. I have tinkered with time lapse clouds (also using my phone) and would really like to capture the ebbing and flowing of a tide on the shore.

The tree idea sounds great. I could see that looking great in a Powerpoint presentation, as 50 or so photos gently meld from one into another.