Wednesday 22 March 2017

Faces of Hoy

 A work trip to Hoy often requires an early start to the day. But, at the risk of missing the ferry, I had to stop to take a photograph of the snow-dusted hills in the distance, beyond the Hall of Clestrain in the foreground, and the island of Graemsay nestled in the middle.

Later, after the task was completed, this blooming Redcurrant bush, tucked away in a sheltered valley of the Mill Burn, caught my attention as I trundled along the road. When the verges are yellow with daffodils, Coltsfoot and Lesser celandine, the shock of pink always surprises me at this time of year.

Waiting for the ferry back to the Orkney mainland, just staring at this solid structure was giving me metal fatigue.


Mark said...

Oh such a stressful job ou must have up there Mr T.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Lol! I tend not to photograph the bad days, when the weather is horizontal and packing a punch. But I'm always very appreciative of the well-being inspired by a good day.