Thursday 9 March 2017

Help from an unexpected quarter

It's been a while since the kitchen sink has put in an appearance on Imperfect and Tense, see here and here, but the current occasion does not signify any kind of milestone. Our Lass has popped down to Aberdeen for a few days, so my washing up duties leave little room for conversation about local or global happenings. 

Well, that's not strictly true because, a few weeks' ago, a spider took up residence in the corner of the kitchen window sill. Thinking back, I recall it was whilst I was listening to a cricket commentary on the radio, more intent upon the highs and lows of an English batting performance, rather than my healthy arachnophobia. The spider spent ages negotiating the cliff face of the kitchen wall before rappelling down the window frame and discovering a small hidey hole. And he/she is still there.

Although it's a stretch of the imagination, the upshot is that, technically, I'm not talking to myself. And another four pairs of eyes are handy for noticing if I've missed a bit of stubborn food detritus on the porridge pan.

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