Monday 7 March 2011

The Ogress of Progress, part 2

There are many different opinions as regards what it is that makes us human, the prime characteristic that has given us the edge over other species of hominid and which, more than any other, sets us apart from the rest of the natural world.

Speech? Self awareness? Greater intelligence? These are all noble facets of the human jewel.

Our prowess at harnessing technology, to free ourselves from the drudge and hard work of living, has supposedly given us more time to spend on recreation and enjoyment. Whilst these are admirable goals, I fear that we have lost sight of our destination, blinded by shiny toys and deafened by the clamouring white noise of greed.

It seems that everything has to be instant, whether it's coffee or mashed potato or access to the latest celebrity gossip. There's no value in waiting for a more considered, life-enhancing experience.

Buy now, pay later! It simply wouldn't do to save up for an object of desire, so that once purchased, we might have the wherewithal to savour the ownership. We can know the price of everything, yet value nothing.

Hundreds of tv channels, every day spouting forth 24 hours of... what exactly?

We have evolved into Homo impatiens, the ape that invented boredom.
I need a pizza, now!

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