Tuesday 15 March 2011

It's enough to drive you to... poetry

Currently, there's some horrific scenes of death and destruction from around the world, some natural, some man made. And what is exercising the minds of the British public?

Perspective, people, perspective.

For the record, I'm a crotchety, middle-aged bloke, who is deaf in one ear.
And I think Wonders of the Universe is just dandy as it is.

Dear Professor Brian Cox,
Your tv programme universally rocks.
Stunning visuals, simple experiments,
Gorgeous scenery, soundtrack immense,
Informative, entertaining, a cinematic treat,
All accessible to the man in the street.
Points well made, perfectly put,
A carefully crafted package, but...

There are those who don't like all your toys,
Who'll complain about sound, calling it noise.
So the Beeb responds and turns it down,
Lest your enthusiastic muse, our ears drown.
Is it decibel level, a judgement in haste? 
Or do they not share in your musical taste?
This small minority that could just turn over,
And not diminish even one super nova.

I'll have to content myself with the knowledge that somewhere in the multiverse, there's a broadcasting corporation playing this programme at full, unadulterated volume. Sigh.


laligalover said...

Maybe they should play some D-REAM soundtracks?

peace said...

Is there anywhere where the show can be discussed? I'm a bit confused about some of the concepts mentioned in it :(

Imperfect and Tense said...

Laligalover - Sheridan Tongue's soundtrack arrived in the post today! Now I can play it as loud as I like!

Peace - I'm sure that the series website will cater for discussion. Use the second link above.
Is that how you found my blog?

Spadger said...

well that was an amusing diversion to what I set out to do this evening?! I've just spent the last hour catching up with your bloggs from Welney and now can't be bothered to do what I fired up my computer to do and its all your fault :o)))) Thanks for the laff this evening and I think I can concur with your Youtube bservation that tits come in all different sizes ;o)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the music was just fine in the first two episodes. 100 complaints? I wonder how many million viewers were perfectly happy?

Louise82 said...

Yep, I loved the music too! I adore anything to do with cosmology, and this series mixes it up with a little art, history, geography... and music. What's not to like? Being passionate about science shouldn't mean you can't enjoy it in a beautiful setting. How ironic that a series intended to express the astounding scale, power and greatness of the cosmos should find itself mired in complaints from those who can't enjoy the bigger picture!

Imperfect and Tense said...

Louise82, Nicely put. The third programme did seem blander, but whether that was due to the reduced volume of the music or just the difficulty in conveying the complexity of gravity, I'm not sure. Brian's trademark simple experiment or diagram to demonstrate a point, often pulls everything together. Ironically, I don't think that's possible for a force that pulls everything together!