Friday 15 January 2010

The ups and downs of January 2010

What's good and bad so far about January 2010?


Having to hurry up to eat all the mince pies in the house because the hot cross buns are in the shops

England's number 4 batsman

Still at least 3 months to go to the start of the next flight season for dragons and damsels


Bill Oddie is back on the scene. Everyone's favourite curmudgeonly-yet-cuddly old scrote is returning to what he's good at. (OK, so not everybody, but I appreciate his passion for wildlife, his humour and his contributions in bringing natural history to the nation)

England's number 5 batsman

Scientists have figured out the routes that Arctic Terns take on their huge migration journeys

Who'd have thought it? Imperfect and Tense, the home of balanced and impartial reporting.
It won't last.

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Martin said...

Just don't start talking Collywobbles in Petersonfield!