Thursday 21 January 2010


Taking advantage of today's relatively benign weather, our lass and I went for a trog around Tring reservoirs. She, armed with my old camera, and me with my new one.

Predictably, mine weren't the best shots, but I didn't mind too much (blatant lie) as it proves the old adage, "It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it."

As it turned out, the "do" in this case was stick it in a duck's face!

Love a duck

Red One-footed falcon

Oo you lookin' at?

Gull's aloft

Coot of many colours... ok, just two

Pochard being all pochardy


Princess said...

OOOoooo how northern is that blog! You were only here 2 days lol I think you miss it here xxx

Imperfect and Tense said...

As they say, "You can take the boy out of the North East, but you can't take the North East out of the boy."