Wednesday 6 January 2010

It must've been L for the Romans

There was another moment of absurdness during our evening commute today. Never mind all the snow and ice gripping the nation, as we were passing a junction which becomes "Leopard Drive", my younger daughter announced,

"I'd forgotten how to spell leopard properly."

This may seem very poor form for a History graduate, but taken into consideration with her love of everything Def, it starts to make sense.

Ah, bless.

This is my 50th blog, not much of a milestone in the grand scheme of things, but I hope that these burblings have been as much fun for you to read as for me to type.

Enough of the schmalz, have a look at the photo below. It is a cropped image from a panoramic, stitched shot that was sent to me before Christmas.

It was pointed out to me today, that the field in the middle distance is still snow-free whilst all around is covered in at least 6 inches of white stuff. And I have absolutely no idea why this should be.

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