Sunday 5 June 2016

Made in China

The Tense Towers Team have been on holiday. Not, as the title of the blogpost suggests, in the Orient, but near Perth. Not the one in Australia, the other one, in Scotland.

A grand time was had by one and all: Our Lass, Second Born, her beau and me.

So the month of June will be mainly me remembering stuff we did and then posting holiday snaps. Apologies in advance.

To begin with, rather appropriately, here's a few pics from the trip home at the end of the holiday...

If you're ever in Lochinver, on the north west coast of Scotland, can I suggest that you pop into Highland Stoneware?

I had heard of Lochinver, many moons ago, as Second Born told me she had been there with her university buddies. To be fair, the only thing I remembered from back then was the fact that there was a pie shop. Funny that, eh?

But what a pie shop...

I can heartily recommend the Chestnut, mushroom and red wine one, as well as the Chocolate, pear and almond offering. And they do mail order!

Tomorrow, if you're lucky, there may be photos of wildlife or perhaps a glimpse of some stunning scenery.


Mark said...

Love Lochinver I remember buying wet suits for the kids about the year 2000, I think the shop is still there! I was a tad disappointed when I read 'made in China' I thought you were in some way going to allude to Deep Purple's incredible live album, Made in Japan. Not to worry, warm regards Mark.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Mark, there will be a musical reference at some point in the 'holiday' posts, but it isn't what either of us are/were expecting [he said, cryptically...]

Martin said...

I was browsing the photos before reading the text and saw the pie blackboard and my brain said "That is like the Lochinver shop, maybe it has moved to Perthshire" and then I discover you were actually in Lochinver. What a hard choice of which pies to buy that must have been!

Imperfect and Tense said...

In the interests of scientific research, I looked at the photo of the pie blackboard again. Analysis of synaptic signals has revealed that my stomach responded before my brain.