Friday 12 February 2016

A taste for conserve-ation

After the roller coaster ride of the other day, when my emotions went from the crest of a wave one minute, to being dashed upon the rocky shore of despondency the next, the ebb and flow of daily life has returned to calmer conditions. Littorally.

An email exchange with Wilkin and Sons produced an offer of replacement jars of Rubus gold as well as the below explanation of the difference between 'blackberry' and 'bramble'...

Our technical department have confirmed the following:

“It’s the same thing!  Strictly speaking it should be blackberry jelly as the fruit of the bramble is the blackberry.  I have always thought of brambles as being the prickly bushes on which blackberries grow! (Wikipedia agrees!)  However bramble can also refer to the fruit of the bramble bush, i.e. the blackberry.  “Bramble Jelly” is, I believe, a romanticised name for what should be blackberry jelly!”

I have to admire a technical department who are so passionate about their work that they can liberally sprinkle exclamation marks throughout their correspondence.

Wilkin and Sons were also happy for me to donate the unwanted Black currant jars to our local Foodbank which I consider is a generous and compassionate attitude for them to take.

This afternoon, a courier knocked on our door to deliver another package...

Oh, what dark and sweet delights could be hidden inside?

These beauties, that's what!

Nom, nom, nom.


Spadger said...

You seem to have emerged from your sticky situation rather well.

Imperfect and Tense said...

I was ex-pectin you'd say that!

Spadger said...

Ha, ha, very good Mr W. You don't know how much I needed to read that after the kick in the tender places a whole football match ago! Although your comment has barely scratched the itch it is still much welcome and appreciated. Think of my camel and some lignated vegetation

Imperfect and Tense said...