Thursday 17 July 2014

Celebrities in the jungle

Just a quick, excited and happy note to say that the wild corner of our garden has had its first 'celebrity' visitors. The unmown section at the front of the house which, for height, is predominantly docks, thistles and the mysterious Brassica species, can now claim to be supporting several Greenfinch.

The vegetation is so thick in this patch that I can't be sure exactly what they were up to, though I suspect it was foraging for seeds on the docks.

Yay! Actual birds, actually feeding in our garden, actually!

Please excuse the OTT response (that's 'OTT' in both its local and broader sense).

Happy, happy, happy!


biobabbler said...

Oh, SWEET! Congratulations! Both times I've seen a rose-breasted grosbeak in our garden I almost passed out. What I really need is a water feature, be it ever so ceramic-dog-dishy.

Imperfect and Tense said...

LOL! As ever, it's the contents that are important, not the container (though the D.O.G. may not see it that way).