Thursday 30 December 2010

A Winter's Tale

Captain Sundial and I usually exchange Christmas cards in mid December, despite the fact that he doesn't go along with the whole interminable charade of Christmas. To be honest, I expect that if he ever broke into a Winter-themed song, it would sound something like:

"On the twelfth day of C-word, my true love gave to me,
12 bags of Humbugs, 11 bags of Humbugs... etc,
... 5 g-o-l-d Humbugs... etc,
... and a Humbug in a sweet shop."

Not very festive, is Captain S, though he does like a good solstice. So you can imagine that with the lunar eclipse in conjunction with the recent shortest day, we almost had to send out for more boxes of tissues.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, cards. When we exchanged envelopes this year, there was something about the look in his eye that though it couldn't be described as setting off alarm bells, it was certainly the trembling hand of a security guard hovering over a big button marked "Oh bugger!" as the JCB of Life came crashing through the front of the store.

"Can you open it now?" he asked, "I want to see the look on your face when you read it!"

O...K... in my mind, the guard had now pressed the big button and was running for the nearest exit, donning body armour and writing a will.

With enough trepidation to float HMS Nervous, I opened the envelope and gingerly removed the card...

Good old Captain Sundial, I should never have doubted him!

This card is entitled "Christmas is Coming" and is from a painting by Brenda McKetty. You can view more of her amusing and thought-provoking work on her website.

As relief radiated out from me, the security guard stopped writing his will, started giggling and scribbled "Goose... Geese... Goosebumps...Goosed!" Meanwhile, my smile was as broad as the snowman's grin.

All the best for 2011, Captain S, and thanks also to the serene Helene for making you go to art exhibitions.

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Anonymous said...

Blush,Blush-Maidenly blush as well.

Glow almost cast a shadow

Cpt. Sundial