Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas blog

Merry Christmas, everybody!

We were woken this morning by the alarm calls of several Blackbirds. Hmmm, I thought, a squabble over presents? Trouble with the seating plan for lunch?

By the time I had opened the curtains to see what was going on, there was only one bird in the garden... a Sparrowhawk in a Hawthorn tree. Well, it is the first day of Christmas.

I'd best not stay online too long on this family day, so I will leave you with the slightly misquoted words of the Three Wise Men...

"I wish you a hopeful Christmas, I wish you a brave New Year. May all anguish, pain and sadness leave your heart, and let your road be clear."

Of course , Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Who'd you think I was on about?

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