Saturday 30 November 2019

Not Llamas in pyjamas

Today, we had a lazy start to the morning. Well, at least right up to the point where, still in bed, I noticed a post on the local cetacean sightings page.

It said that there were Orca off the coast of Holm (our parish), by the salmon cages of a fish farm in Scapa Flow. Now, some of these cages are just visible from Tense Towers, and although there was no indication as to which direction the Orca were headed in, I think one could be forgiven for casually sauntering towards a window, clad only in a dressing gown.

If we were to be in luck, the whales would have to head south. At this distance, later measured at 3 miles, how big would an Orca be? As it turned out, through 8x42 bins, big enough! Ladies and Gentlemen, we can now add Orca to the list of wildlife seen from the lounge window.

Hurriedly getting dressed, whilst the whales' trajectory took them temporarily out of sight, I arrived at the front door just as the Orca broke into clear view in Scapa Flow. At three miles, the 420mm lens on my DSLR just couldn't hack it, so in desperation I tried again with the tiny compact Panasonic. It's x30 zoom just about revealing enough detail to show a huge dorsal fin that couldn't be anything else other than a bull Orca.

OK, we're awake now!


Mark said...

Good morning Mr Tense, Sian has posted spome wonderful shots! Yours though do present things from a different perpective.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Hi Mark, yes indeed, Sian's location on the Graemsay shore is a fantastic place to watch wildlife. Orca entering or exiting Scapa Flow often use Clestrain Sound and Hoy Sound, so present excellent photographic opportunities to folk in Stromness in West Mainland. Killer whales are such an iconic species. Our Lass and I were buzzing for the rest of the day, despite, in my case, Boro being thumped 4-0 😀😣🤣

Mark said...

Yes our respective football teams are on the slide. However I can only imagine what it must be like to look out your window and see Whales swimming past! I'm sat here looking at council houses - however 20th to 29th we're on the Outer Hebrides so who knows what we might see.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Wow! That will be some festive season! Have a great time!!

Our plans for next year are a little more sedate, but include being in the vicinity of the Lochinver pie shop at some point!

Spadger said...

Very good - at last. No Orca here not surprisingly - sea levels have yet to rise that much 😂

Alyson said...

You were very lucky - The older I get the more I appreciate seeing such wonders but so far only the odd dolphin for me down our way.