Wednesday 18 September 2019

Stuff On My Phone (27)

You know how it is, a gale rips through the county and the very next day you have to make a journey on a small plane to visit a small island.

We flew westwards from North Ronaldsay into a bracing westerly, headed for Papa Westray and its runway which is aligned pretty much north/south.

Sat in one of the back seats, I was able to film our approach and landing, although it looked and felt more like a sidling than a landing, as the pilot expertly angled the aircraft into the wind until the very last second.

You don't actually have to picture the scene, here's the video.


Mark said...

Incredible! While I'm here I feel I just have to mention we're in Gairloch atm and have paid a couple of visits to the Bein Eighe nature reserve. Honestly it's like the Garden of Eden!Awash with Odanata, Lepidoptera, numerous birds as well as a plethora of fungi and wild flowers. At this latitude and this late in the year I'm astounded. Just thought I'd run it past you in case you are ever over in these parts.

SharonLarkin said...

omg, looked very bumpy! Rather you than me, Graeme LOL

Imperfect and Tense said...

Mark, Beinn Eighe is amazing, right enough. As is the nearby Whistle Stop Cafe in Kinlochewe, though for different reasons!

Sharon, the flight was just the correct side of 'interesting'. Just!

Mark said...

Good morning Mr Tense, regretfully the Whistlestop is no more! It is now called the Gorse Bush and that magic has gone. The reason I was so ecstatic about the Bein Eighe nature reserve is that we've been coming up to the Highlands for almost thirty years and only just discovered it. I just thought, Mr Tense needs to know about this place.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thank you for the update, Mark, it sounds like I will have to recalibrate the Tense Teashop Tracer. [Whirr, buzz, pling, pling...] Ah, Torridon Post Office :o)

You will not be surprised to hear that I have never climbed the White Mountain, but this is only because I have always been too pre-occupied with dragons and the like at lower altitude.