Wednesday 23 January 2019

You win some, you lose some

Remember the paint tin sponge cake? Well, there was plenty of excess sponge, what with the failed cake that was a biscuit and the whole 8" diameter down to 6" diameter malarkey. But Our Lass had the brilliant idea of slicing the offcuts into sponge fingers and freezing them so that we would have handy makings of quick desserts.

Several weeks later, and with the addition of custard, cocoa powder and this...

we can now say that the experiment is a success.

Actually, we've not opened the jar in the photo, but the one we did open (raspberries and rum) was snarfed before I could take a picture of the contents.

Meanwhile, warming to her unaccustomed role as Kitchen Goddess, Our Lass then announced that she was going to make loads of stock with the carcass of the roast chicken from Sunday lunch. By Monday morning, and her departure for work, I was staring at the large pan which had been left on the hob to cool from the previous evening. Pretty much every plastic container in the kitchen had been used to house the various leftovers, which gave me a bit of a problem when it came to freezing the stock.

Undaunted, I used a dish to act as a holder for several freezer bags, and managed to decant a couple of litres of stock without too much trauma. The bags did flollop about a bit, but I reckoned that as long as the stock froze, it would be ok.

Later in the day, on checking the freezer, I was pleasantly surprised to note that the idea had worked, with no leakages to report.

Unfortunately, however, the two bags which I'd squirrelled away into a door shelf were well and truly solid and not for budging. Oops.

I think that when the time comes to defrost those, it will be a big gravy day!

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