Saturday 11 April 2015

Random snippets

I must admit that I haven't been up to much which could be classified as wildlife-y during the last week. However, there is some big nature news for the area, which even made it as far as the BBC News webpage and was also mentioned in the local paper.

Hoy is the island that we can see across the other side of Scapa Flow. After a quick check of the relevant map, I calculated that the eagles are nesting about 25km from Tense Towers. Even with a 2.5m wingspan, I doubt if I could spot one from home, but it would be a great addition to the garden list!

So what have I been up to? Well, we have had a few sunny and warm days, tentatively suggesting that good times are on their way. But having to earn a crust does tend to impinge upon gallivanting about the countryside looking for huge birds of prey, or even tiny flowers (Common scurvy-grass is everywhere at the moment).

There have been a couple of Hares in the field over the road, but never too close to the house. The following shot is a drastic crop of the original shot.

On one of the nicer days of the week, I spent the afternoon in a loft, helping to install a tv aerial and running four cables down to different rooms. It was very warm up there and a whole flock of Sea Eagles could've flown by without me being any the wiser.

That evening, I definitely felt the need to be out in the fresh air, so Our Lass and I pootled around the kirk loop, enjoying the cool breeze and the sounds of Nature bedding down for the night.

Yesterday was a pleasant day too, which ended with a rather random skyscape.

Nope, no Sea Eagles there either, but... is that a dragon?

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