Thursday 4 September 2014

Border urgency

Whilst we have been taking our time, considering the options for laying out the garden at OTT, Our Lass has been keenly bustling one of the borders into shape.

I say 'one of the borders' but, at the moment, it is the only border. And it is not yet free of Docks, but we're getting there, bit by bit.

Crocosmia, Red Campion, Common Ramping Fumitory, Cornflower... then back to the mystery Brassica and Docks. There's a few Meconopsis hidden behind the Fumitory, too.

The old garden fork came with us from Milton Keynes. It was a much-loved perching spot for a Robin, back then. Now that the handle has disintegrated, it isn't such an easy landing pad, but the odd Starling has graced its weathered wood (I've just not been quick enough to record it for posterity).

The Cornflowers have survived the winds and are providing shelter for yet more Fumitory. A few small trees in pots are hiding up against the dry stane dyke, awaiting their turn to go mano a mano with the Orkney weather.

This week, an old shovel has joined the garden fork, to give the border that 'I've just nipped inside for a cup of tea, but I'll be back' look. And we spotted a Robin the other day, the first we've seen since early Spring.

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