Sunday 22 June 2014

Strix-ly for the birds

On Thursday this week, there were a few ruffled political feathers when the Labour Party press team's Twitter account was hacked.

Other political parties, the media and just about everyone else, then made hay with the comedic potential of the situation.

I couldn't help a little chuckle myself, if I'm honest, until I considered my position.

Sat in our lounge, I pondered my circumstances. Not including those featured in the bird ID books on the shelves to my right, I was surrounded by a veritable flock of owls. They are the ornaments in vogue, it would appear, successfully out-competing my dragonflies and hares.

For clarity, the collective noun for a group of owls, whether in an Orcadian lounge or in slightly more natural surroundings, is a parliament (yes, really!) or a stare.

I also chuckled at the hyphen that had 'accidentally' crept into the BBC reporter's name in the linked story.

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