Sunday, 5 January 2014

Choosing colours

There may not be many hours of daylight at this latitude during mid Winter, but lack of quantity does not mean lack of quality.

This was exemplified during a walk along the cliffs at Burwick this morning.

Orange - Muckle Skerry

Grey - Duncansby Head (Scotland)

Blue - Hoy hills, with Martello Tower in foreground, left of centre

Silver - waves breaking over rocks

Gold - interesting strata in cliff

Oops, I dropped the palette


biobabbler said...

Lovely. I think one of my favorite traits every is the ability to appreciate "the little things." Tho, frequently, I think the little things (like beautiful lighting in nature) are the big things.

Imperfect and Tense said...

From holidaying in these islands over several years, we knew the Summer light was special. But we have been captivated even more by the Winter light. It's as if that universal constant, its speed, is different, flowing like a sweet golden syrup over the landscape, rather than rushing everywhere at 3 x 10 to the whatever metres per second.