Sunday 7 April 2013

Hare volumising tips for changeable weather

The Easter weekend saw Our Lass and I take a trip over to Norfolk to stay at the delightful Tithe Barn in Sisland. With the festival falling early in the year, there would be no possibility of seeing any Odonata or even much flora, but hopes were high for some quality Hare time.

Arriving late on Friday afternoon, we took a walk from the B+B around a short 2 mile route, across fields and back through the village. The bitingly cold east wind and the occasional snow flurry left us in no doubt that it wasn't Spring yet, despite what the date and the Sun's passage along the horizon indicated.

There were plenty of Hares and Red-legged Partridges to be seen, one particular field with over a dozen brown furry bundles of Lepus-ness [Sigh]. On the down side, we found it impossible to approach to within a decent camera range of any of them. However, we counted ourselves fortunate to also see a Little and a Barn Owl on the return journey to the Tithe Barn.

From the window of our room, we looked out over the owners' garden, passed the Shepherd Hut (available for rent!) and on towards the fields behind. This gave me an idea for early the following morning. If the sun put in an appearance and it didn't snow, there was the possibility of using the hedge, which bordered the garden, to provide some useful cover from which to photograph any wildlife. It was a cunning plan with, predictably, several small flaws!

The weather was sunny :o)

But it also snowed :o(

This wasn't entirely conducive to hare photography.

Don't worry, this isn't my lens, it's the window of our room.

So all I had to show for my hedgerow efforts were some hastily-garnered shots from distance, between flurries of snow.

But not to worry, our cooked breakfast of local produce banished all glum thoughts.

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