Saturday 15 December 2012

Note to self: remember camera

Rather than participate in the frenetic whirl of activity that is generated by the rapidly disappearing number of shopping days to Christmas, we went for some fresh air down at HESC, our local nature reserve.

And I remembered my camera.

There was still plenty of water about the place and some of the multitude of Mute Swans have now taken to spending their time in the smaller pools, rather than out on the main lake.

With a bit more judicious pruning, there will be a fantastic view from this bench...

though not everyone was excited about that as I was.

The view from the Near Hide along the side of the main lake was one of dull and dreary Winter dampness.

Until, that is, I noticed what was happening to the Teasel heads...

Teasel babies!


holdingmoments said...

I have never seen Teasel babies before!!
Amazing. I'll be checking every Teasel I see now.

Imperfect and Tense said...

I do worry for them though :o(