Saturday 17 November 2012


When you're married to a health professional, facts tend to come at you from the most unexpected of directions.

So it proved this morning, when Our Lass was reading a magazine article about the fear of childbirth, or tokophobia (from the Greek tokos meaning childbirth).

My interest was piqued by the fact that in my own line of work, Toko are a Japanese company manufacturing inductors i.e. things that induce (in this case, voltage in an electronic circuit). These components should not be confused with anything that happens after, say, 42 weeks of labour. That's a very different form of induction. There's no voltage involved, though the air can be highly charged, apparently.

Photo courtesy of the website of BEC Distribution Ltd (Franchised  distributors of TOKO components)
Returning to electronics, another name for an inductor is a coil. Again, this should not be mistaken for anything with a similar name that may be deployed in the prevention of pregnancy, regardless of whether you suffer from tokophobia or not.

The thought processes involved in the above have made me realise that my brilliant idea for Our Lass and I to swap jobs for 24 hours is probably not one of my better ones.


Tales of a Bank Vole said...

Ooh, I don't know - you seem to be getting a lot of experience dealing with screaming childish entities throwing toys out of their pram.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Prithee, kind sir, I'm sure I do not know what you mean. :o)