Tuesday 5 June 2012

Field notes 4

It's about time I updated you on the progress of our wildflower project in the small border at the front of Tense Towers.

Last Thursday, I finally removed the protective netting that was known as Castle Cornflower, as the plant growth had finally reached the wire cover.

Normally sheltered from the prevailing weather, even this border has had rain through May, so my watering can duties have been limited to the very arid section below the kitchen window.

In the photograph below, growth appears particularly luxuriant, but I have to confess that the angle flatters the border, as there are fewer plants towards the other end of the path. Whether this is due to my haphazard sowing regime or environmental factors with the soil, I'm afraid I don't know.

What is obvious, however, is the fact that there's mainly two species making up this biomass.

But until they flower, I wouldn't like to guess what they are (you can safely ignore the Corydalis just in front of the pipe, I can identify that!).

I'm still hopeful that the other 7 species that are supposed to be in there will make themselves known, but it's a waiting game, I'm afraid.

[drums fingers impatiently on desk...]

Nope, still not flowered.

PS My infrequent mowing of the lawn has led to a grand crop of daisies, as evidenced in the top right of the photo.

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