Wednesday 11 April 2012

Gwyr - Diwrnod Un *

More pigeon Welsh, I'm afraid. I hope that I'm somewhere near the correct translation, as I wouldn't want to cause an international incident.

For our first full day on the peninsula, we drove the few miles to Rhossili (Welsh: Rhosilli) to explore the coast between Worm's Head and Mewslade Bay. This is one of our favourite places in the UK, helped by an amazing patchwork of field strips and a rather nice cafe, the Bay Bistro.

As we walked along the cliff tops at the southern edge of Rhossili Bay, countless Jackdaws and gulls were riding on the gusting wind, simply enjoying the freedom to muck about in the air. In fact, birds were whipping past so quickly, it was difficult to take advantage of being at eye level with them whilst they were in flight. Like this Kestrel...

Falco tinnunculus
Down out of the wind, near the shoreline, we spotted a Rock Pipit making short territorial display flights, so we sat down to watch him for a while. Fortunately, at one point, he landed quite close to us.

Anthus petrosus
Back up on the cliff top, we wandered into the patchwork of field strips, which are separated by a mixture of fences, hedgerows, banks and tracks. There were many species of flower in bloom, much earlier than I had expected, as the Gower has a mild micro climate. I was especially delighted to see a carpet of Fumitory, though I am unsure of the exact species.

After eating lunch on the terracing in the sunshine at the Bay Bistro (it was still March for crying out loud!), we walked down to Mewslade Bay. The tide was out and several rock pools had been left high and dry wet in the eroded limestone formations. Amongst these we found several of what I'm guessing are Winkles, which were adorned with strange pink protuberances. I haven't a clue what these are, anyone got any ideas, please?

*Gwyr - Diwrnod Un, hopefully this is 'Gower - Day One'.

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