Sunday 20 February 2011

Finchly barnet

In yesterday's comments, I ended up wondering whether birds had a sense of humour. This morning I discovered that, contrary to any scientific research, they are a compassionate bunch too.

My week's poor showing with the camera prompted this chap to take pity on me and turn up in the garden of Tense Towers, whilst we were having breakfast. Our Lass spotted one of his distinguishing features straight away and called out "black cap". I, on the other hand, wasn't wearing my specs and could only see a general greenish blur. On reflection, I should've realised that she didn't think it was a Blackcap in a frog costume.

Siskin (male)

He was only our second sighting of the Winter
The top photograph gives a good indication of the difference in relative size between a Greenfinch and  a Siskin. Whereas, in the bottom photo, the feeder is shared with a Goldfinch.

It was a bitterly cold, damp day with a biting easterly wind, so we were more than happy for him to share our provender. Following his good turn, it was the least we could do.


holdingmoments said...

Always a most welcome visitor to the garden.

I'm still waiting this year though.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Graeme .. pleased to see the differences and that you pointed them out & telling us who's who in the zoo ..

Thanks - Hilary

Imperfect and Tense said...

Keith, yes indeed, they are. And as I somehow keep conspiring to miss the large flocks in the area, I was very grateful.

Hilary, sometimes concentrating on the close-up-and-personal stuff in the garden is as fulfilling as a long drive to some birding oasis. Oh, and warmer too!