Saturday 8 January 2011

Driving Miss ****y

In 1975, Ian Hunter had a UK hit with the song "Once bitten, twice shy". In 2011, Martin posted a comment on my blog that included nearly the same words. Boys, I gotta tell ya, you're wrong.

Today, whilst out with Second Born, she turned right at the roundabout before the one she wanted. The road which we found ourselves on, ran along the side of a wood, behind a lake. A clearing in the wood extended to the road, and as we drove passed, I glanced across it, at a bird standing in the open. Ooo, a heron, a brown heron...

After we'd stopped, turned around and crept slowly back, it was still there. No way, this cannot be. As we were out on driving practice, I had somehow inexplicably forgotten to bring binoculars and camera. There I was, a mere 25m from my second Bittern of the week, but this time without a reed in sight.

Hmmm, twenty minutes from home. What would you do?

Forty minutes later, we were back on site, there was still plenty of light but the bird had moved back into cover. A shame, but still a great view.

Second bittern, not shy
I love MK and its confusing roundabouts.

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