Monday 8 November 2010

Habitat creation at Tense Towers

Following on from a previous post, in an unexpected development, certainly with no awareness from the author, there's been a bit of a Ying and Yang situation occurring with habitat in these parts. First the destruction, now the creation. 

Whilst putting out the recycling and the rubbish for collection, I happened to spot an unidentified  plant growing in the lawn. After placing the bags, bin and box at the edge of our property, I retraced my steps to have a second look. Now I'm not a floral expert (as some of my frocks and dresses are atrocious), but I like to think that I can recognise the common or garden weeds that end up being commonly in our garden.

This plant was significantly different from anything that I'd seen growing here previously. It's situated near to where we removed the Pampas Grass last year and put in a circular bed for several species of lavender and a rose. There isn't much to see at present. It has a fairly tightly-packed rosette of broadish leaves chopped off at the ends, as some short-sighted buffoon had run the lawn mower over them. Oh, I wonder who that was?

Discounting Dandelion, Plantain and Teasel, I was at a loss, so threw the question open to our lass and the Admiral. After some deliberation, the consensus is that it may be an orchid of some sort. Which would be brilliant, but also a bit of a conundrum.

In all the years we've been here, there's not been any orchids on site (the bloke with the lawn mower was questioned very thoroughly on this point, and, no, I hadn't seen any). Had a seed been brought in by a bird? Or on our footwear? Or had it lain dormant for years and only germinated because of the particularly harsh Winter 2009/2010? Or is it something else altogether?

We will have to watch and wait and see what grows next Spring. And I'll start wearing my specs when cutting the grass.


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Your blog looks different to me. Did you change your template? I know who lass is, but I'm still trying to figure out who the Admiral is that knows about Odonates. It seems kind of late for orchids, even in the UK. Do you have a picture?

Imperfect and Tense said...

Katie, nope, I haven't changed it. But that's more through lack of knowledge than inspiration. The Admiral is a good friend who, as far as I know, hasn't been in the Navy, but does get seasick. And he's shy! You're right, it's not orchid season, there's only a rosette of leaves (somewhat amended by the mower) to be seen. It may be that it's something totally different, but I haven't got the botanical skill to id from leaves! I will take a picture, once I've come to terms with the change back to GMT. STOP PRESS: the Admiral has taken a photo already - more news soon!