Sunday 3 October 2010

HESC Side Story

Parental guidance: the following blog has scenes of gratuitous violence and images of a sexual nature. If you or your kin are likely to be offended by these, it is recommended that you navigate away from this page now.

Your usual scribe is unable to bring you his centenary blog due to er... unforeseen circumstances, so here I am, kindly guesting at short notice. They call me Strio, they also call me a ne'er-do-well, but me and my flighty lady love, Sympetra, are living for the now.

An uneasy silence falls, broken eventually by the sound of clicking fingers...


I guess you could call us a gang, a bunch of unruly orphans, we're the only family we have.


Our neighbourhood is the Hanson Environmental Study Centre (HESC), a run down nature reserve on the North side of the city. It's a wild place, governed by the laws of tooth and claw, where it would never do to show weakness.


We're The Darts, always looking to defend our territory from The Hawks. Not afraid to fight and always ready to rumble.


Folks don't approve of our lifestyle, the way we pick on those smaller and more vulnerable than ourselves.


They say stuff like, "You're nothing but bloody common." Or, "Why don't you and your ruddy mates just clear off."


But the park bench is our meeting place, we don't see why we should move.


As kids, we had nothing, but once we got our wings, man, well you've got to fly, right?


My pal Rudi, he's a tough guy. You wouldn't want to mess with him. He likes to live life at the sharp end.

Jeez, there was one time, man, Rudi was beating up on this blue-job. Would've killed him too, if the Bigs hadn't turned up.

Here's some of the gang, just hanging at the bench.

And this is me and Sympetra, making out on the bench.

This neighbourhood won't be here forever. Live fast, die young, that's our motto. I guess when the Winter comes, that will be that. Like I said, we're living for the now.

You Bigs just don't understand.


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Very creative. Love it!

Martin said...

Lunchtime amusement & brain relaxation. I was wondering where the Big thoughts were headed.