Saturday 12 June 2010

Girls frolicking in the garden

It's a chores day today, but as the sun's out, there's always time for a bit of wildlife.

Starting at the front of Tense Towers, I mowed the impoverished grassland to a shorter sward, then repeated the procedure for the semi-improved pasture at the rear. I say semi-improved, I don't know what else to call a load of pigeon poo.

After we had removed the pampas grass from the front garden last year, I'd wondered whether we would still see Blue-tailed Damsels roosting in that area. I shouldn't have worried. This little lady, violacea colour form, was sat on a Teasel leaf enjoying the morning sunshine. 

A few more Large Red Damselflies had emerged from the pond in the rear garden, but then I spotted this young lass, nestled amongst some virgin white flowers. As she's immature and not often seen within the sprawling estates of Tense Towers, she's neither blue in colour nor very common. However, for taxonomic purposes, she is a Common Blue Damselfly.

Girls frolicking in the garden? What sort of blog did you think it would be? Shame on you.

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