Wednesday 10 February 2010

Dum, dum, der dum ti dum dum dum...

You know how it is. It's a busy day in the office, there's a thousand and one things to be done, you're rushing through an email, typing faster than is wise, brain working quicker than fingers, when it happens. The typo to end all typos.

What it should've said was "further tests", but what appeared on the page was "fuhrer testes".

My question is this... does this mean that the old song is untrue? Did Hitler, in fact, have more than one ball? What other bygone mysteries could be solved using this method?

I look forward to the next revelatory typo with interest, though the thought of channeling uncertain historical fact through the medium of the misspelt word is not a creative outlet I had previously considered, even in my most off piste moments. That wasn't a typo, by the way.


Martin said...

Listening to the radio last night I discovered that people losing testes to testicular cancer have the option of a prosthetic limb (or ball to be exact I suppose) - Steve Parry, British Olympic bronze medallist in swimming, Athens 2004.
So the question is.. did the Fuhrer actually have the world's first prosthetic limb??

Q2 should also probably be "Would you?", but answers should be kept strictly within the Privates of your own home ;)

Spadger said...

Llew Graeme that's another nife amusing blog you hasv there. Made me ghigle somehwat with the thought of the fhuerere actually having one afeter all? Likelyou I am typing theis very quicly and cannot be bothered to smell chjeck it for errors and ommisions befoer posting it :o)