Tuesday 13 October 2009

Autumnal ramblings

We had a trip to The Lodge at Sandy over the weekend to check out their new footpaths. The RSPB have put in two loops of about a mile each, one from the existing heathland and the other through what was recently woodland.

Disappointingly, there were only a few darters about, but this was of only slight concern as there were loads of ladybirds. Mainly Harlequins, it has to be said, but the traditional 7 spotteds were holding their own and we also saw several Pine Ladybirds.

In the cleared woodland, young birch seedlings were taking full advantage of suddenly being exposed to acres of blue by making their bid for forest glory and reaching for the skies.

The following day, we finally got around to planting out the new flower bed at the front, before having a wander locally around Linford Lakes. Again, only a few Common Darters were seen, but at least the sunset provided some spectacle. Having taken to photographing evening skies whilst on holiday, it was good to discover that it's also possible from home, though the bird silhouettes were a stroke of luck.

Turneresque, someone said. I didn't even know Anthea could paint.

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