Monday 13 April 2009

In case you're wondering...

In case you're wondering, dear reader, I am most definitely not writing this whilst sitting in the kitchen sink. However, I did see a Dalmatian yesterday. These two small facts may well have set the tone for all that follows, today, tomorrow and in the future.

I am finding that convalescence is a keenly-honed, double-edged sword. Here I am, on the face of it, with bucket loads of time, but with little opportunity to make good use of it, as I'm not allowed to pick up the bucket. So glad now that I didn't say "s**t loads of time".

Despite the obvious frustration this brings about (the lack of opportunity, not the s**t part), I am finding that new possibilities are opening up. This blog, for instance. How better to try and fill the unforgiving minute, than with 60 words of typing done. I've no proof that this is how many words I do type in a minute, but you get the idea.

Speaking of proof, I am thoroughly enjoying "The Age of Wonder" by Richard Holmes. Subtitled "How the Romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science", it is an absorbing read and is certainly helping to keep me on the correct side of sane. I'll leave you to decide where that is and how it applies to yours truly.

I logged on this morning to the news that David Attenborough has given his support to a movement campaigning to highlight the dangers of human overpopulation. As someone who berates work colleagues on this point whenever climate change and loss of habitat are raised in conversation, all I will say now is "Hurrah!" And there I was not going to be too confrontational in my inaugural blog. Oops.

Anyone wondering how I'm doing after the op, worry not, the old git is still as daft as a brush and just about as prickly. And to escape the bucket analogy, not too pail. Only time will tell, I suspect, whether it can be considered a success. Time, eh? Now there's a subject for a future blog, and an excellent Pink Floyd track into the bargain.


Ruth Walker said...

Wow, this is ace! Welcome to Blogger :)

I love the opening, I Capture the Castle is featuring alot in life at the moment and I'm beginning to wonder why...
I have always wanted to move the plants and cheese board to one side and sit on your kitchen window sill, close the blind behind me and see what happens.
Go on Dad, do it at about 5ish and see how long it takes Mum to find you when she comes in from work ;) Place on the sill before you asend the step ladder so they are easy to hand, a pen and paper, a cup of tea, a duster, a book and a cushion. Yes people this window sill is big!

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thanks, Ruth. Didn't know about your secret kitchen yearnings. The fact that the rest of the street would spot me before yer ma is a journey I do not want to make. The duster comment was a bit harsh! True but harsh. :o)

laligalover said...

Wow, I didn't know my bro' and his family had such literary talents. Has it been hidden, or has medical intervention released some ogre?
I'll be interested to see how this goes little bro', I could end up being the big bro' of a Nobel prize for literature, or are you a secret writer for a modern version of Monty Python?
Aren't secret kitchen yearnings what you have when fairly newly married, I can just remember those days, just.
Even more worryingly, why are you posting blogs at 0302, can't you sleep or do things normal people do?

Imperfect and Tense said...

It's not been hidden, just in different places, so I don't think it's medical intervention. Anyway, they haven't perfected brain transplants yet. Yeah, we'll draw a veil over "secret kitchen yearnings", shall we? Not too sure about the time, Google seem to be referenced to the Meridian on some other planet. I was definitely fast-a-bo-boes at 03.02BST.